Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to 2ways2earn

Hello Freinds, I am Riyaz.

As like you I had also searched on internet for earning programs. But, failed .and decided myself that there is no any way on internet. Some times I wrote on many web forums about all that websites are fake which challenge that their website is genuine. And this is absolutely 100% true.

Who am I to say like that..?

I fed of such websites and I lost a lot of money. Because of their victim, I got know their history. That's why I mentioned my name above. I don't need to afraid of anybody.

This is all past, I know that now you are thinking, Is there any chance to earn on internet..?
Yes, But, I never say that leave your job, be relax.. I work for you or just you have to work one hour per day etc.

But, One thing that I can say " You don't have to invest to earn on internet".

If you want to earn on internet.. Please read the below instructions..

1. You have to spend minimum 3 hours on internet.
2. You should know about blogging.
3. You should know that how to promote your blog.
4. You should know that how to get traffic to your blog.

Now Let me explain you that how can you make money through INTERNET

There is only 2 genuine ways to earn on internet. Those are..
1. Adsense
2. Affiliate Marketing

About Adsense :-

Adsense means.. Popular search engine like Google promote their ads in various ways. To earn through Google.. You need a website or blog. For website you have to spend some amount. But, Blog is absolutely free. So, First build a blog and sign up with Google Adsense Program. Next get the html code from Your Adsense account and paste on your blog.
Now, Google's ads appear on your blog. Next step is promote your blog on Google or any search engine or on classified sites. When a visitor of your blog clicks on ad of your blog, then your Adsense account will credited. This is one way.. Ok..!

About Affiliate Marketing..

This is the second way to earn on internet. Here you have to advertise popular websites on you blog. When a visitor of your blog makes a puchase or makes a lead, the website pays you some amount. For this, you have search popular websites and find affiliate links. Then you can earn through this program.

Actually, I am not good at english. I hope you understand my blog. Still, If you have any queries..

Please feel free to contact me (RIYAZ) at freeearningtips@gmail.com

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